Uploads being "slow" can mean a few things. This article will attempt to cover the most common issues with upload speed:

Files uploaded via the website uploader stay in the "Processing" state for a while

When a file upload shows "Processing", the upload cluster is distributing the file to a download server. There is an automatic check in place that verifies the file transfer completed successfully - and if it didn't, it is retried. If files appear stuck in this state, please wait, as the transfer between the upload cluster and download server is being retried.

FTP uploads take a long time (10+ minutes) to be transferred to the file manager

The FTP server sends files to our download servers sequentially. We have several FTP servers to choose from, and their load levels are displayed on this page. We suggest picking the server with the least amount of load before uploading.

Upload transfer speeds from my PC are too slow

We do not limit upload speeds. Your upload speed is dependent on your connection to our datacenter. Please also be aware that the vast majority of home internet connections upload significantly slower than they download.

We are always monitoring the time files take to transfer onto our servers, and we proactively add additional capacity when required.

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