The standard FileFactory Premium prices are:

FileFactory Premium - 30 days - $13 (USD) - rebills every 30 days
FileFactory Premium - 90 days - $35 (USD) - rebills every 90 days
FileFactory Premium - 180 days - $59 (USD) - rebills every 180 days
FileFactory Premium - 365 days - $94 (USD) - rebills every 365 days

The 365 day plan is the best value for money, compared to paying monthly.

FileFactory Premium Lifetime accounts are also available.

How do I buy a FileFactory Premium account?

In order to buy a FileFactory Premium account you need to click the Subscribe button on the Premium page, underneath the term you wish to subscribe to:

What is a FileFactory Premium 'subscription'?

FileFactory Premium accounts are subscriptions which automatically renew at the end of each term, however you can turn this off from within your account. If you cancel your subscription, you will still have access to your FileFactory Premium account until the end of the paid period. Once the paid period is over, your FileFactory Premium account will become inactive.

What if I still have Premium days left in my account, but I want to extend?

You purchase a new subscription at any time and any FileFactory Premium days you have remaining in your account will simply be added on to your subscription. For example, if you have 10 days remaining on your FileFactory Premium account and you switch to monthly 30 day billing, you will have 40 days remaining in your FileFactory Premium account. In this example you will be charged again in another 30 days - not 40 days - as the rebill period is every 30 days.

What happens when my FileFactory Premium account expires?

If your FileFactory Premium account expires then the files in your account are immediately and permanently deleted, so please make sure that your payment details are always kept up to date if keeping your files are important to you.

My credit card details have changed, how do I update them?

If you wish to update your stored credit card details you can do so here.

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