Download speeds are dependent on a number of factors. Our servers and infrastructure have plenty of bandwidth in order to serve all our Premium members well. However from time to time there are network difficulties which are out of our control.

It is recommended that you use a download manager to ensure successful downloads at maximum speed.

As you can imagine there are many variables involved ranging from your local PC setup and internet connection, to any of the network providers between you and our servers. 

The most common cause of slow downloads is the route which your ISP is taking to send and receive data from our servers.

Usually if a connection becomes slow or congested, the ISP will route through a different provider for a faster connection - however this is not always the case. It is most probable that the issue will automatically resolve itself in due course, however sometimes an ISP will not change its route unless it is alerted to a problem.

The first step is to resolving slow downloads is to contact the technical support department of your ISP and request assistance with your issue.

Please advise them the current download speeds you are currently getting, compared to your previous speed. For your reference, our download servers are located in Amsterdam, so ask that they check their traffic routes to and from that country. Please let us know of any feedback you receive, or a resolution to your problem, so that we can inform other users.

Some files which you can download to check your speed are:

Some good tools to check your network speed are:

If contacting your ISP does not resolve your issue, please submit the required information and we will attempt to assist you.

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