Please download both of these files and let us know the average download speed (in KB/sec or MB/sec) for each:

Then, please provide answers to the following:

  • What is the name of your ISP?

  • What type of connection do you have with your ISP? (e.g. ADSL2+, Cable etc)

  • What country are you located in?

  • Which timezone are you in and is there are particular time in your timezone when downloads are slow?

  • Are you using a proxy or VPN?

  • Are you using a download manager which would help you speed up downloads? If so, which one?

  • Does the problem occur on all downloads or only some? Are you able to supply a URL of a particularly slow download?


PLEASE NOTE: without an MTR trace it is unlikely that we will be able to help resolve your issue.

Please provide us with a bidirectional "MTR" trace. An MTR is basically a combined traceroute and ping tool which runs multiple times before returning results. It lets our network engineers identify any potential congestion or packet loss. Unfortunately MTR is not included with Windows, so you will need to download and run a free utility called "WinMTR" that provides this functionality.

Install the application:

1. Download the free utility called "WinMTR" from here: http://winmtr.net/

2. Unzip the file, and run WinMTR.exe (the version in the WinMTR_x32 folder should be fine, but you can run the version WINMTR_x64 if you're on a 64bit version of Windows)

3. Right click the WinMTR program icon and select "Run as administrator" and then click YES to allow the program (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-au/windows7/how-do-i-run-an-application-once-with-a-full-administrator-access-token)

Perform an MTR to our network:
1. Enter into the "Host" box
2. Click "Start"
3. Wait for around two minutes, then click "Stop"
4. Click "Export TEXT" and save the results as a .txt file (filefactory-mtr.txt for example)
5. Attach the .txt file to this ticket
[At least 100 packets are required, and Resolve names must be turned off in the Options menu]


Here's the MTR download and instructions: http://www.reddit.com/r/TagPro/comments/2j6qx7/how_to_run_an_mtr_on_mac/ - after installation open the Terminal window and type the following commands and send us both results (you should be able to copy and paste). If the Terminal window asks you for your password, that is the user password of your Mac.

sudo /usr/local/sbin/mtr -n 100

If you can please get back to us with as much information as possible we can investigate further.

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