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How do I remote upload files from another file host to FileFactory?
How do I remote upload files from another file host to FileFactory?

Transfer files from third party servers are lightning speed.

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Transferring a file from a remote host to FileFactory is easy and simple. Speeds of up to 100MB/sec are achievable.

Please follow this procedure:

1) Go to the remote upload page on FileFactory:

2) Type in your Premium username and password for the site you wish to transfer from in the relevant fields. In most cases, unless you have a Premium membership from another file hosting site, remote transfers from them will not work.

3) Paste in the URLs of the files you wish to copy (one per line). The URL should be the normal URL of the file - not any shortened or generated Premium link.

(note: you can also use links)

4) Click the green 'Upload files' button.

5) To see the progress of your uploads, click the 'Status Window' button.

Note: Once you have input your username and password for the site you are copying from, it will automatically be saved in your account. Then when you paste in additional links from the same site, you won't have to keep putting in your username and password. Click the green' Login Manager' button to adjust your saved username and password for sites.

To see more information about your transfer, click the link in the "Status" column.

HINT: for add one URL at a time for the best results.

HINT: if you receive an error such as "Server returned a web page rather than a file" this means that the remote server may be overloaded by too many requests, or that the remote server does not recognize your login credentials. Please click 'Retry' and it should eventually work. If it does not work after repeated tries, then it's most likely that the remote server is blocking our requests. Unfortunately in that case there is nothing we can do on our end.

Still not working?

For us to help fix this, can you please provide the following:

  • the URL of a file you are trying to retrieve

  • your remote server Premium username and password 

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