If you received a Failed Billing Notice regarding your FileFactory Premium account, it means that there was a problem processing your automatic recurring payment. We will retry your payment again the next day, and then give up if it fails again, at which point your FileFactory Premium account will revert back to a free account. 

If you know that your credit card number or expiry date has changed, you should immediately update it here, and we will retry the payment again in 24 hours. Otherwise, if your card details are not able to be updated, you should create a new Premium subscription.

Your Failed Billing Notice could have been triggered by a variety of reasons, including:

  • Your credit card has expired / Your card's expiration month is invalid.
    Solution: Update your credit card information with your new card number or expiry date in your FileFactory account and we will retry again tomorrow.

  • Your credit card has insufficient funds.
    Solution: transfer some funds from another account to ensure that the scheduled payment can go through. Otherwise, update your credit card in your FileFactory account with a new one that has sufficient funds.

  • Your card was declined.
    There is some other reason that your transaction was declined, but we were not given anything more specific.

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