In rare cases we might have successfully received your payment, but our systems did not upgrade your account from free to Premium due to some kind of bug or communication error. If you believe that is the case then please contact Customer Support.

It could also be possible that you have more than one FileFactory account, and you are signing into an account which has expired or has never been upgraded to Premium.

Search your email for a payment receipt 

Every time you are charged we email you a payment receipt which displays the email address (Account ID) of your Premium account.

The subject of the email is "Payment Receipt from" - so try searching your email records for that string. Please also check your spam folder in case it was delivered there.

If you cannot find the correct email address of your FileFactory account, or a payment receipt, please send us a message, and supply your First Name, Last Name and last 4 digits on the credit card being used, so we can look up your payment details and try to find what email address your FileFactory Premium account is associated with.

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