If your IP address has been banned, this is an automatic response from our servers when we get too many requests from the same IP. Usually this happens if you are attempting to use our servers in a way that is not intended, for example by sending automatic requests from another server.

The best way to unblock your account is to stop sending automated requests, and your account will eventually become unblocked.

Using a VPN can also sometimes result in your account being temporarily banned, as many other users might be using the same VPN IP address. In this case, choose a different VPN server or location, or disable the VPN, and try again.

You could also try restarting your modem to see if your ISP assigns you a different IP address.

Usually this issue will resolve itself, but if the problem persists after an additional 24 hours, please contact us and let us know the IP address being displayed in the error message.

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