An IP Address Mismatch error means that your IP address changed while you were signed into your account. This is usually a result of your ISP resetting or changing something to do with your Internet connection (which gives you a new IP address), or somebody else signing into your account from a different IP address. Or you may be using a VPN, and signing into your VPN has changed your IP address because your connection is going through a remote server.

When we detect two logins at the same time, we will sign you out of ALL active sessions because, as a security precaution, there should only ever be one user signed into your FileFactory account at any given time.

An IP Address Mismatch Error can be resolved by simply signing into your account again. The next time you sign into your account, you should not see the IP Address Mismatch error again, because you should only be signed into this current active session.

However if the problem is persistent and you keep getting an IP Address Mismatch error, then please contact us and we will see what we can do on our end to prevent this from happening again.

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