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I have an issue downloading with JDownloader, Mipony, Flashget or DownThemAll!
I have an issue downloading with JDownloader, Mipony, Flashget or DownThemAll!

How to resolve possible issues using these apps.

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Most issues are caused by using an old or outdated version of the download manager which you happen to be using.


If you are having issues downloading with JDownloader, please check their official forum ( and look for any recent posts about FileFactory.  If a post has been made, you can check the status of the thread next to the title, if it says "Wait for Plugin Update", please wait for them to release a plugin update. If the thread says "Solved" the issue should be solved and updates should be live. If it has no status tag, or if the status says "In Progress" then the issue is currently being worked on by their developers. If there is no recent post about the issue, please make one so they are aware of it and can work with us to fix it.


If you are having issues with Mipony, please ensure that you're running the latest version of the program.  You can download the latest version here.


We have had reports from some members about having their account details stolen after entering their login information into the download manager "FlashGet" by Trend Media Corporation Limited. We advise all users NOT to use this download manager.


The majority of download managers will work with FileFactory. In particular we recommend DownThemAll! which is a free extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

You can also view our article on what download managers we recommend including some good Chrome extensions.

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