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What is the file storage limit on my account?
What is the file storage limit on my account?

How much data you can store at FileFactory.

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Free users can store an unlimited number of files, and consume an unlimited amount of space. Free user files remain on our servers for a period of 30 days. If a file has not been downloaded within that time, it will be automatically removed. However if a file is downloaded in full, it will remain on our servers for another 30 days. Therefore if your files are continually downloaded, they will remain active.

FileFactory Premium members can store up to 5TB of data, and files are not deleted if you maintain a Premium account. If you exceed the 5TB data limit, our Fair Use Policy may apply which will automatically delete older files, in order to bring your account back below 5TB. Alternatively an Excess Data Storage Fee of $100 per TB (or part thereof) over 5TB per 30 days may apply, and be deducted from your affiliate balance if applicable.

If you have a FileFactory Premium account which expires and reverts to a free account, then the free storage rules apply and many or most of your files will be deleted according to the free user rules, after a 30 day grace period.

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