How can I upload files via FTP?

FTP uploads are available for Premium members.

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FileFactory Premium members are able to upload files via FTP. We recommend using FileZilla which you can download for free.

You can find your FTP login details at Upload > FTP or directly at this URL:

The FTP process works like this: 

  • Files are uploaded via FTP from your PC to our FTP server. 

  • Files are then copied across from our FTP server to our download servers. 

  • The files will appear in an automatically created FTP folder in your file manager. From there, you can move them to another folder. Please note that it can take several minutes for successfully uploaded files to appear in the FTP_Uploads folder in your file manager.

If you have issues with the FTP uploader, please send us a message with as much information as possible, including:

  • What operating system and FTP program you are using?

  • What size files are you trying to upload?

  • Does the issue happen with all files or just some?

  • Is there an error message or code and if so, what exactly does it say?

Please note that the FTP service is for uploading files via FTP only. It's not possible to download files via FTP.

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