How can I purchase a FileFactory Premium Lifetime account?

Lifetime accounts are only available via this special link!

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How can I buy a FileFactory Premium Lifetime account?

FileFactory Premium Lifetime accounts are available to purchase only from this link.
[Offer expires 31 Dec 2023]

How much does a FileFactory Premium Lifetime account cost?

A FileFactory Premium Lifetime account costs $249 USD, which is a bargain compared to paying $19 a month over many years.

Why should I buy a Lifetime account?

  • You'll never have to pay for FileFactory Premium again :)

  • You'll enjoy all the benefits of FileFactory Premium without having to worry about your account expiring, or having to update your payment details.

  • Your files will live forever.

Can I share my Lifetime account?

Sharing any FileFactory account is not permitted and can result in your account being banned. Also, only one user can be signed into an account at one time, so it's not actually possible to share a FileFactory Premium Lifetime account.

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