What is a FileFactory Filebox?

Allow anyone to upload files to your FileFactory account, by providing your Filebox URL.

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A Filebox is a special FileFactory URL that lets users upload files directly into your account, without needing to give them full access to your FileFactory account. This can be useful if clients or customers need to send you files.

The Filebox feature has the following options:

  1. After you enable your Filebox, you can choose a unique name which will form part of your Filebox URL. Then you can provide your Filebox URL to anyone. An example of a Filebox URL is filebox.filefactory.com/testuploads - where 'testuploads' is the name of your Filebox. Please choose carefully because once your Filebox name has been generated and saved, it cannot be changed without contacting Customer Support. 

  2. You can choose to add a password to your Filebox, so only users who know the password can upload files into your account.

  3. You can add a custom message to your Filebox, such as a notice or request for particular file types or formats. An example may be - "Supported file extensions - Please upload your video files in .mp4 format and your vectors in .ai format".

  4. You can receive a notification email to your registered email every time someone uploads a file to your account. The email will be sent from [email protected]

The Filebox settings are in the side menu at Account > Filebox.

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