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My IP address is blocked as a precautionary measure
My IP address is blocked as a precautionary measure

Sometimes our servers may block a particular IP address if there's too much traffic in a short period of time

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If you receive a message stating:

"Unfortunately you are unable to access our servers at this time as a precautionary measure against potential abuse" that means that we have temporarily blocked your IP address.

The block will be lifted automatically once that particular IP address has stopped requesting data at a high rate.

This procedure happens automatically and is designed to protect our servers against abuse. Sometimes download managers or third-party scripts can attempt to download too many files at once, which overwhelms our servers and can cause a poor downloading experience for other users.

If you see this message for more than 12 hours, please send us a copy of the complete error message, including the IP address, so that we can investigate further.

Otherwise, wait a while and try again; your downloads should work.

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