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Announcing our brand new 'MAX' Affiliate program
Announcing our brand new 'MAX' Affiliate program

Everything you need to know about MAX!

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We're excited to announce the brand new Affiliate program we've called MAX.

Why MAX? Because it gives you the potential for maximum earnings!

Now you can earn from both downloads and sales in one program. Even better, for every new Affiliate you refer, you earn 15% of all their payouts. So the more Affiliates you introduce, the more you can earn.

How to get paid?

We recommend signing up for a Binance account so that you can get paid in BTC (Bitcoin).

Firstly, a brief description of our current Affiliate programs.

Pay Per Download

In this program, you get paid a rate per thousand downloads of your files. However, you don't earn any commission from any of your users who may choose to subscribe to a Premium account.

Pay Per Sale

In this program, you get paid a 50% commission from all new sales and rebills. So if one of your users signs up for a monthly Premium subscription, you earn commission on their first purchase, plus commission every month after that, until they cancel. The commission is calculated after all fees and processing costs.

How MAX is different

The MAX program combines earnings from both sales and downloads, so you get the best of both worlds. You get paid for downloads, but whenever one of your users upgrades to Premium, you also get paid commission.

On top of that, when you introduce new Affiliates to FileFactory, you get paid 15% of whatever they earn.

Frequently Asked Questions About MAX

How do I qualify for MAX?

The MAX program is available to all new FileFactory Affiliates who sign up after 1 October 2021. It's also being selectively rolled out to some existing Affiliates. You cannot convert your Affiliate account to MAX. This is so we can test and ensure the stability of the new system first.

If you are a current Affiliate and want to try MAX, you will need to create a new Affiliate account using a new unique email address. With some email providers, you can create an alias of your existing email address... such as [email protected] - in which case the alias forwards to your original email address.

How do I invite a new Affiliate to FileFactory?

You'll find your unique referral link in your Affiliate section. It will look something like this:

Ensure you always use your unique referral link when inviting new Affiliates.

Can I earn 15% referral commission from other Affiliate accounts I create myself?

No. We have advanced anti-fraud protections in place. Any such accounts will be banned, and all earnings will be forfeited.

When are the 15% referral commissions deposited into my earnings?

When an Affiliate you have referred has qualified for a payout, and the payout is successfully processed, then the 15% referral will be deposited into your account. Because it can take some time for an Affiliate to accumulate earnings and qualify for a payout, this could take some time.

Why am I not earning any sales commissions in my account?

There could be various reasons for this. The most common reasons are:

  • Insufficient download traffic - if you only have a few downloads a day, it will take some time to convert many of these users into a sale.

  • Mirroring links with other file-sharing sites - if you used FileFactory as your exclusive host, you would build brand loyalty, and customers would be more willing to upgrade. Spreading files across multiple hosts gives users little reason to upgrade.

  • Your files are too small. Files over 1GB typically encourage more customer upgrades.

Other tips you could try:

  • Make some or all of your files Premium only.

  • Post some of our ad banners around your forum or blog.

  • Post your referral link in a prominent place.

  • Email your users with some compelling reasons to subscribe to FileFactory, using your referral link.

  • Include your referral link in your email signature and on every blog or forum post.

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